Fridge Freezer Guide

Fridge Freezer

Before you buy a fridge freezer, it is worth a few moments of your time to try and see which one will be the right one for you. So many factors come into play when it comes to choosing from the various fridge freezers that are available today. You can get a fridge freezer that is stacked one over the other or you can get an American style fridge freezer where the fridge and the freezer are placed alongside each other.

The Size of the Fridge Freezer

No doubt one of the main reasons for looking at a fridge freezer is the fact that you want a bigger one than any fridge that you own today. When it comes to size, don’t just go out and pick the largest. Don’t pick a size that is just a wee bit bigger than your own either because you might soon find that even that is too small. Always look at the storage capacity inside when you are looking at space because it might surprise you to learn that fridge freezers with the same external dimensions could have different internal storage space.

What you need to do first, however, is to take the exact measurements of the space where your fridge freezer is going to stand and then look at the dimensions of the ones available online to see if the one you want will fit in comfortably in that space – always remembering to factor in a bit of space all around.

The Different Types of Fridge Freezers

There are essentially three main types of fridge freezers – the ones with the fridge below the freezer, the ones with the fridge section placed above the freezer and the ones where both are placed side by side – these are called American style fridge freezers, which are getting very popular today. Fridge freezers can be free standing which means you can move them around or they can be built in which could happen if you are buying or renting a home with a built in kitchen.

Fridge Freezers – The Main Brands Available

There are a number of fridge freezer brands available in the UK but there are some that have built up a reputation for themselves with customers. Some of the leading brands of fridge freezers available are: Bosch, Samsung, Siemens, Hotpoint, Servis, Smeg, Zanussi and LG. Most of these brands offer American style fridge freezers which are becoming very popular among buyers today. They are especially useful if you want to store a lot of pre-frozen foods and are ideal for large families.

Fridge Freezers Ratings

You’ll find that many of the newer models of fridge freezers come with an energy rating which says A, B, C and A+, A++. C of course is the least energy efficient while A++ is the best. Fridge freezers are made for different climate ranges and if you want one that works best in your home, look at the average temperature and choose your fridge freezer accordingly. Here in the UK, the SN as well as the N class work well in indoor temperatures that don’t go above 32°C.

Freezers also have ratings from no stars to 4 stars. No star freezers are only for making ice, 1 star ones can store pre-frozen food for a week, 2 stars for a month, 3 stars for 12 months and 4 stars can freeze and store for 12 months.

Other Features

Check for the noise rating and silent operation before you buy. Also remember that the fancier the extras, the higher the energy used. So you need to make an informed decision here.

Check out what you need and what is on offer and then decide, that way you can’t go wrong when it comes to choosing a fridge freezer.

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